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Slome Interviewed on Business Beat Live TV Show

Business Beat Live

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I just got back from doing a television interview in Connecticut with John A. Troland at Business Beat Live. Troland may be no Larry King (is that a good or bad thing?), but he is no slouch either. He’s been running his show for 15 consecutive years, including an interview with Maria Bartiromo, a.k.a. the “Money Honey” (incidentally, a name she attempted to trademark for herself).

Stay tuned for the eventual video posting on my website ( (NOW UPDATED), but first the digital interview file must be compressed into a video jpeg gif, then optimized through an FTP to my HTML server, before the synthesized content is uploaded the to my http URL. Even if I were to improperly use the tech acronyms, the project should still be no sweat…for my tech guy.

Once I get settled, I’ll do my best to be back in productivity mode with further Investing Caffeine posts.

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