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Praying for a Better Market with Pope Benedict XVI

As reported on Bloomberg, the pontiff called for a new era of economic justice and for a new global authority to regulate financial institutions. Pope Benedict  XVI weighed in on the markets with a 150 page document demanding a retooling of the economic and financial models that got us into this financial crisis.

In a conflicted dilemma, the video clip above ponders the question of whether sinners or saints perform better in the stock market? Unfortunately for church-goers, sin appears to perform better. The indulgent Vice Fund (VICEX) outperformed the virtuous Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund (AVEMX) for the period discussed.

Chomping at the bit to open up that margin account??

Chomping at the bit to open up that margin account??

I’m not sure if the Pope is going to open a margin account at Scottrade, and start day-trading levered inverse ETFs and options, but perhaps he will be praying for a better market and performance for us honest, trustworthy and faithful investors.

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